Square Bay Lintel
Square Bay lintel

Square Bay Lintel

  • CATEGORIESCustom Lintel
  • CAVITY WIDTHS 50mm - 200mm

Please provide all requested Information. Measurements requested are taken from face of brickwork. Opening also to be included.

The support posts are supplied with an open end to locate over the lintel studs and a base plate which is fixed to a solid pad. The base plates should be bolted down on top of solid footings at least 300mm below finish floor level. The base plate is normally 10mm thick with 4 No. 14mm dia holes provided. The solid Pad can be made up of the 300mm cavity wall from the foundations filled with concrete or 300mm wide solid block work from the foundations. The post should locate just inside the outer leaf as to line up with the outer window frame and should be kept vertical. Provide 25mm insulation between the standard 75mm dia post and the inner leaf, where the post is inside the cavity to prevent a cold barrier.

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